How much does a mural by Ellen Lustig cost?

Since every mural is site specific, there is no set cost. The price is determined by the square footage, the ceiling height, the complexity of the design and the location. The minimum price is $850


What is the first step in planning my mural?

If you have a specific idea of your own or from a designer or architect, I will discuss how I will implement that idea. Otherwise, I will set up a consultation meeting to brainstorm with you to determine what will look best in the space provided.


How will I know what the artwork will end up looking like?

After determining what will be painted, I go to my drawing board and create a sketch that can be modified to your liking. Once you approve the sketch, I will perform the magic that will transform your wall or space.


What type of materials will be used?

Being health conscious, I try to use mostly water base paints and materials. If the job requires environmentally caustic materials, I will discuss the options with you and make a suitable determination of what to use.


Who are the people that predominantly hire a muralist?

Realtors, Developers, Libraries, Schools, Churches, Temples, Architects, Designers, Painting Contractors, Homeowners, New Mothers, Children’s Rooms, Home Remodelers, and anyone who wants to perk up a mundane space to a wonderful creative environment.